Life’s been so weird for me since moving to Melbourne, in both a positive and negative way. It’s really strange to meet all the people that you do, I can’t get my head around the experiences I’ve owned so far. I swear yesterday was New Years Eve 2013, each month has flown by so fast!

When I say “negative way” I guess I can relate that to the non-important, temporary things that are always best left behind. At the end of every day, regardless of how it went, it’s only worth remembering the good parts, because that’s why I’m here.

Speaking of remembering, I swear I’m becoming more and more forgetful as the days go by. Perhaps I only remember what is important to me? There have just been numerous occasions where I haven’t been able to remember simple things that friends have mentioned etc. and perhaps that just comes with age? I used to remember every intricate detail before moving here. I guess that’s why time is moving so fast.

I kind of just opened my Tumblr and started typing, I don’t see where this is going at all. I just want to write write write.

I booked my tickets to see Flight Facilities in early November with Jacob which I’m really excited for. I prefer concerts instead of festivals as I think they just show a little more sense of worth. Maybe it’s just me but I’m always feeling crowded at festivals, amongst hundreds of people who probably don’t appreciate the band as much I might.

I got two parking tickets the other day, in my own street, because the Reminders app on my iPhone has a tendency of not working the way I want it to. Wah wah wah, I’ll just pay them, I’m happy to say that I at least have the money now. It’s good to own a stable job, however I have been with Cotton On for almost five years now, and it’s getting a little tiring being a casual for all those years. I’m not sure how to break it to them, but I guess I’m starting University next year, so I won’t even be working.

Photography for me is so funny lately, I get motivated throughout an entire week and get a lot done for magazines, lookbooks, night clubs, (and just recently, runways!) but then the next week, my camera just collects dust. Weird times. I guess it’s paying the bills though which is nice reassurance. Book me people, book me!

Sociable activity is a funny one for me too at the moment. I feel like you’re going to get left behind if you don’t stand up and invite yourself to places or make your own little happenings. At least, that’s what it is like for me. I don’t mind it, I’m sure we’re all like this to a degree, I just wish something was ALWAYS on for me. I like being on the move, especially with friends. As I’m taking a gap year this year, I really want to spend the remaining months doing SOMETHING each day, to make it worth my while.

I sort of want to return to YouTube, but I don’t have enough time on my hands, and I know that. It’s weird watching yourself from a computer screen anyway, people can get all peculiar about the personalities you share online, and I’ve been there before believe me. I think I’ll just stick to watching my friends and current subscribers.

BOYS okay so how do I find one that likes Flight Facilities and Sneaky Sound System’s older stuff and can smile / dance with me until the late hours in some unknown nineties-styled club? Probably too much to ask but I’ve been single my entire life, the hormones are all over the place lately. One morning I’ll want to settle down with someone on a meaningful basis, the next I’d be content remaining single forever. My mother says it will happen when the time is right, I guess I can keep that locked down for now.

I’m starting my own night club soon with a bunch of friends, so bizarre right! A nineteen year old involved in such a thing. Exciting times! I really do love my exhausting night life in the end, whether the camera strap is around my neck or not. Melbourne is more compassionate than any given place I’ve been to.

Talk to me or something, I’m real chatty right now :)